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7.5.14 MLB Target All-Star Concert Ticket Giveaways!

Want a chance to win tickets to the MLB Target All-Star Concert with Imagine Dragons and Atmosphere on July 12th at the TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis? Starting today (Saturday, July 5th), we'll have chances for you to win tickets through our social media outlets! HERE ARE THE RULES:

•  Limit will be (2) tickets per winner. Winners will be chosen randomly. •  Anyone that enters to win multiple times will be disqualified. •  ALL tickets will be available for pick up at Fifth Element (2411 Hennepin Ave S) ONLY on Saturday, July 12 from 11am to 4pm.•  For Twitter: You will need to be following @rhymesayers and @fifthelementrse. If chosen to win, we will be DM'ing you from those accounts with a rhymesayers.com email address to contact to confirm your tickets.•  For Instagram: Keep an eye …

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