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5.28.15 Soundset 2015 Wrap Up

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Joshua Evans first began his journey penning poems as a

freshman in high school. After four years of being the frontman of his

high school band, he made a decision to go solo. deM atlaS was born.

Evans describes Dem Atlas as having two sides, despite only being one



“It’s sort of like there’s two of us,” Evans says. “Dem is the

unenlightened and ignorant side, whereas Atlas is the mythic, holy

figure in control; he is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing.”


Dem used his musical experiences to propel himself into different textures

and sounds of music, ranging from Folk to Alt-Rock to Hip Hop. Moved

by art, friendship and spirituality, deM atlaS conveys through his

music the duality between Man & God, Ignorance & Brilliance,

Enlightenment & Obscurity.


Having spent the last year performing in and around Minneapolis

in support of his early 2013 debut EP release, Charle Brwn,

deM atlaS is ready to deliver his messages to a broader landscape.


City Pages' Jack Spencer comments on the EP:


"With a style that recalls underground West Coast legends like the

Pharcyde and Freestyle Fellowship, Dem Atlas brings crazy energy and

positive vibes to every track he touches. The quick-paced flow and

melodic voicing smoothly floats along beats as he talks about his

inner thoughts and feels a kinship with Charlie Brown. Charle Brwn

packs a big punch and a lot of emotion into a relatively short work,

and solidifies deM atlaS as a rapper to whom you should pay close



(Photo by Elliot Malcolm)