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Hail Mary Mallon

Meter Feeder

  • 1 Meter Feeder
  • 2 Meter Feeder (Edison's Facemelter Remix)
  • 3 Meter Feeder (Blockhead Remix)

Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz as Hail Mary Mallon present two remixes from friends Blockhead and Edison. Not only that, this package comes with the original song and the video off of the new album Are You Gonna Eat That?

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Hail Mary Mallon
  • Title: Bestiary
  • In Stores: 11.10.14
  • Formats: CD

Hail Mary Mallon
  • Title: Meter Feeder
  • In Stores: 07.20.11
  • Formats: Digital

Hail Mary Mallon
  • Title: Are You Gonna Eat…
  • In Stores: 06.07.11
  • Formats: CD, Digital, Vinyl

Hail Mary Mallon
  • Title: Smock
  • In Stores: 04.19.11
  • Formats: Digital