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News // MF DOOM

6.14.13 The Evolution of MF DOOM

The homies at VICE Mag's Noisey Music just dropped an incredible and seriously in-depth article taking a look at the history behind hip hop's maddest masked villain. Check out their RSE highlight below and click HERE to read more.

The MF DOOM persona made a triumphant comeback, since its inception on Operation Doomsday, with the Rhymesayers released MM...Food in 2004. It was another thematic adventure seeing DOOM tackle all things culinary and while it wasn't as well received by critics as Madvillainy, fans praised MM...Food for its lyrical richness and a more playful DOOM, as well as welcoming back his sorely missed production with stand out tracks like "Hoe Cakes" and "Rapp Snitch Knishes".

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