4.8.15 New Rhymesayers "Bruiser" Merch is Here!

New Rhymesayers merch is in!

Welcome our new "Bruiser" hoodies and tees, designed by Dave Quiggle! Get them now at Fifth Element:

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5.25.15 Soundset: Coming Back Home To You

Thank you for joining us at Soundset 2015. We're excited to announce that we're coming back ho…

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4.2.15 Rhymesayers Twitch Policy

(LAST UPDATED: May 4, 2015) Many of you have asked us where we stand with streaming our musi…

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4.2.15 Rhymesayers Is For The Gamers

We are proud to announce that we have officially launched our channel on Twitch! For those un…

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4.1.15 A Moment In Rhymesayers: Episode 4…

"History" is a critical piece in the Headshots tapes puzzle. First and foremost, it’s a celebr…

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