Recent Posts Posts.en-usFifth Element/Rhymesayers End Of The World Sale - TODAY!<p><em><strong> </strong></em></p><p><strong>50% Off All Regular Priced Rhymesayers Items! All CDs, Vinyl, Clothing, Accessories…Everything. Great deals, right?!<br /></strong></p><p><strong>This sale is ONLINE at and IN-STORE<strong>. </strong>Pricing ends tonight, Friday 12/21 at 11:59pm.</strong> <strong>All these deals will be available in-store from 11am-7pm<strong> </strong>today only.<br /></strong></p><p>Those who believe they will wake on the 22nd per usual, unscathed, can do so knowing they got a great deal in the process. Those who don’t believe, they’ll probably feel happy to be alive, but then experience a moment of regret when they realize they passed on such a great opportunity! Delivery By X-Mas NOT guaranteed!</p><p><strong>Rhymesayers:</strong> Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+ | Instagram | Flickr | Soundcloud | Myspace</p>RhymesayersFri, 21 Dec 2012 10:08:00 -0600Grieves & Grayskul playing the P.O.S Needs A Kidney Benefit in Seattle<p>Heads up Washington! <strong>Grieves, Grayskul</strong>, Sadistik, and Therdz have teamed up to create a benefit show on January 5th, 2012 for <strong>P.O.S</strong> who's currently in need of a new kidney. The event will be held at The Crocodile in Seattle.</p><p>Tickets are only $12 and it's an All Ages show. <strong>Buy your tickets TODAY</strong> and start your 2013 off right!</p><p>More Information on P.O.S' current health situation can be found <em><strong>here</strong></em>.</p><p>Thanks for your support!</p><p><strong><em>We Don't Even Live Here </em></strong>is OUT NOW!<strong> </strong>Pick up the new album from Fifth Element, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, and your favorite chain and independent store.</p><p>You can buy <strong>Grieves'</strong> <em><strong>Together/Apart</strong> </em>from Fifth Element, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy and your favorite local independent retailer or music store.</p><p><br /> <strong>Grieves:</strong> | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Myspace | Instagram<br /> <strong>Graysku...</strong></p>RhymesayersFri, 07 Dec 2012 14:17:00 -0600Brother Ali, Evidence, POS, Psalm One, Grayskul at Paid Dues 2012 today!<p>The West Coast has been waiting for months, and today is the day. While it's raining in RSE's home of Minnesota, the sun is shining brightly on San Bernardino in California.</p><p><strong>Brother Ali </strong>and<strong> Psalm One </strong>will be rocking solo sets on the Monster Energy Stage,<strong> </strong>while <strong>Evidence</strong> plays with <strong>Dilated Peoples</strong> on the Dues Paid Stage as well as <strong>POS</strong> with Doomtree, and <strong>Grayskul</strong> join their crew <strong>Oldominion</strong> on the Paid Dues Stage.</p><p>Not only that - <strong>Brother Ali</strong> is also doing a Meet &amp; Greet at the<strong> Fifth Element</strong> tent from 5-6pm. You can pick up a CD version of his new <em><strong>The Bite Marked Heart</strong></em> EP, as well as a new exclusive Fifth Element shirt.</p><p>Check out the details below and don't sleep on RSE holding it down all day at the NOS Events Center.</p><p>Set times are in the image below, head to for more info....</p>RhymesayersSat, 07 Apr 2012 13:28:00 -0500DJ Abilities, Dark Time Sunshine (feat. Onry Ozzborn), Pigeon John In-Store at Fifth Element on Friday 10/15!<p><strong>DJ Abilities</strong> , <strong>Dark Time Sunshine</strong> , and <strong>Pigeon John</strong> will all be performing and signing items this Friday! After the signing they'll be performing at 7th St. Entry.</p><p><strong>10.15.10</strong><strong></strong><br /> Fifth Element In-Store Performance &amp; Signing<br /> Performing: Pigeon John, DJ Abilities, Dark Time Sunshine<br /> Fifth Element<br /> 2411 Hennepin Ave. S. <br /> Minneapolis, MN 55405<br /> 5:30pm<br /> All Ages<br /> FREE!<br />RSVP on Facebook</p><p><strong>10.15.10</strong><br /> Performing: DJ Abilities, Dark Time Sunshine, Pigeon John<br /> 7th St. Entry<br /> 701 1st Ave. N.<br /> Minneapolis, MN 55405<br /> Doors: 9:00pm<br /> 18+<br /> Tickets: $10 Advance/$12 Door<br /> Buy Tickets at Fifth Element, The Depot, First Avenue</p><p><br /><strong>Fifth Element:</strong> | Twitter | Facebook | Myspace<br /> <strong>Rhymesayers:</strong> Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Myspace</p>RhymesayersTue, 12 Oct 2010 20:09:00 -0500Download "Believeyoume" free from Grayskul's Onry Ozzborn<p>Everybody loves free music so please enjoy this new project from our Grayskul brethren <strong>Onry Ozzborn</strong>. Believyoume features 2 professional horseshoe tossers from Forest Grove Austria. Better known as Dark Time Sunshine these 2 Midwestern Northwestians bring fourth a sound of valiant triumph, golden age dingy and gutter slop snob pop for you and yours. <br /><br /> Download it now at: <br /><br /> You can also catch Grayskul on the road on the following dates: <br /><br /> <br /><br /> Be sure to swing over to Fifth Element to pick up all your <strong>Grayskul</strong> merchandise! <br /><br /> Facebook | Twitter | Myspace</p>RhymesayersMon, 07 Dec 2009 20:32:00 -0600